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The Project

Chronic 1985 – Chronslevania is a remix I produced combining Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 with various NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) classics such as Zelda, Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. This 8 track EP commemorates the music of Dr. Dre and the creators of my favorite video games.

Dre’s music and NES games are great models for breaking limitations in art. They both used technology and artistic expression to create captivating master pieces. I sourced the sample material for “Chronic 1985” by playing every level of the Castlevania series on the original NES. The inability to beat a level would affect the amount of sample material used for the project. Similar to the evolution of hip-hop, innovation and limitation have played key roles in my creative process.

Having the EP as a focal point, I then created an animated video to visually merge the projects together. Further, I’ve coded an 8-bit style video game that is available for play at It is a fully interactive album video featuring every track off the “Chronic 1985” EP. You can play as Dre or Snoop, fighting your way through re-creations of the legendary Castlevania to find Dracula and stop him from making whack music.


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A 5 level battle for music’s fate.

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